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Short Communication - Journal of Clinical Ophthalmology (2022) Volume 6, Issue 1

A brief note on the use of ologen collagen matrix implants to treat ocular hypotony developing after trabeculectomy

Ocular hypotony is an adverse and potentially sight-threatening complication that may occur after trabeculectomy. It is usually associated with over filtration or bleb leakage and has a wide variety of treatments, including non-surgical procedures such as pressure patching, application of bandage contact lenses, autologous blood injection, and intracameral viscoelastic injection. More invasive treatments include placement of transconjunctival compression sutures, excisions of the ischemic conjunctiva, scleral flap suturing, and scleral patch grafting. More recently the use of collagen matrix implants has been suggested in these cases due to their potential of inhibiting conjunctival scarring and contraction and promoting the formation of an organized collagen network that resembles normal conjunctiva.

Author(s): Heloisa Russ, Heloisa A Maestrini, Laura F Coelho, Marcos Balbino, Regina C S Seixas

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