Insights in Nutrition and Metabolism

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Commentary - Insights in Nutrition and Metabolism (2021) Volume 5, Issue 1

5 myths of metabolism debunked at 40

The time reads as 2:00 am on the corner of his mobile screen, as he is frantically typing on his phone in this wee hour of the night. The mobile screen lights up his determined face in the darkroom, sliding halfway in the bed he frantically types onto the mobile screen chatting in the Whatsapp group with his friends who are all going to be turning 40 this year. The situation looks tense which usually is for any Whatsapp group these days when the members of the group are debating about looping topics around Coronavirus or politics, but this one looks much more intense than usual. The discussion in the group is about fitness, which can be a touchy topic, for these friends in their late thirties, who has just woken up to get fit in the last few months before they soon hit their 40th milestone. And you know what happens when you are working out or get into new physical activity to get fit. Yes, you guessed it right… you talk a lot about it, a lot: you talk about the work out of the day, share pictures, compare time spent in getting fit. And it can get real touchy when the credit of a fast transition is given to the metabolism of the person instead of the hard work one puts in to get there. And this seems to be the core of the argument for these soon to be 40 dudes. This touches upon some popular beliefs, experience with metabolism, and the fitness challenges of the ’40s:

Author(s): Deep Malhotra

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