Journal of Public Health and Nutrition

Articles in Press

2018: Volume 1, Issue 3

Editorial P.56-56

Health economics: An exploration in public health.

Author(s): Nurul Mohammad Zayed


Review Article P.57-64

Can diet alone control inflammation? A comprehensive narrative review of dietary foods and supplements and their effects on inflammation and pain.

Author(s): Michael Sabia, Kingsuk Ganguly, Robert G. Gessman, Jill Kalariya, Rajat Mathur

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Review Paper P.70-79

Studies on nutritional facts of spring herbs collected from Bulgarian market.

Author(s): Maria S Atanassova, Muhammad Shahzad Aslam, Somesh Sharma, Manisha Nigam, Lyubomir M Atanassov, Ardalan Pasdaran, Mohammad Ayaz Ahmad

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Letter to Editor P.81-81

Adulteration of milk in Pakistan: Are we drinking milk or milk like liquid?

Author(s): Muhammad Salman Haider Qureshi, Ramsha Khan