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Research Article - Journal of Public Health and Nutrition (2023) Volume 6, Issue 6

Fish as a significant source of nutrients

A well balanced diet rich in all important elements is required to maintain excellent health. In this perspective, fish is a nutritious diet that is high in important nutrients. It is a source of a familiar group of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFAs) specifically omega-3 and omega-6, which can avert atherosclerosis and thrombosis. These fatty acids have defensive effects on coronary heart diseases, autoimmune disorders, arrhythmias, lowering plasma triglyceride levels and blood pressure. Aside from that, in tropical regions, fish is more readily accessible and less expensive than that of other animal proteins. Practically all the minerals existing in fish that are obligatory for the human body. The minerals present in fish Fe, Ca, Zn, P, Se, F and iodine as well. These minerals are with maximum bioavailability that can straightforwardly absorb by our body in the count of proteins and amino acids from fish sources became more freshly positive health effects on human health. Fish-derived lipids, which include omega-3 PUFA like EPA and DHA, aid to prevent cardiovascular illnesses in addition to helping to manage blood pressure. Iron aids in the formation of haemoglobin and hence avoids anaemia. Selenium is essential for thyroid gland function. Rickets are prevented by the calcium and vitamin D found naturally in fish. Vitamin A aids in the maintenance of normal eyesight and an immune system. The authors of the current review study made an effort to explain the value of the nutrients found in fish for human health. A campaign to raise awareness of the advantages of eating fish for health is also suggested by the author.

Author(s): Muhammad Yasir Naeem, Zeliha Selamoglu*

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