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Otolaryngology Online Journal

2015: Volume 5, Issue 4
  • Case Report
    Mesenchymal Chondrosarcoma of the parotid. A case report
    Peter Otieno Ochungo, Peter Mugwe, Radia Kiran
  • Review Article
    Adenoid facies and chronic refractory rhinosinusitis managed by en-doscopic-assisted adenoidectomy A Study
    Sudhir M Naik, Ravishankara S, Mohan Appaji, Goutham MK, N Pinky Devi,Sarika S Naik
  • Research Article
    Bacteriological Profile of Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media and Its Clinical Significance in Rural Area
    Mohit Srivastava Sushant Tyagi
  • Research Article
    Cartilage Tympanoplasty: Is it more effective than temporalis fascia grafting for tympanoplasty?
    Shyamakant Prasad, Vineet Gupta, Ashok Kumar, Sulabha M Naik
  • Case Report
    Chondroma of nasal alar cartilage : A rare entity
    Sanjana V. Nemade Haris Qadri Mateen Sayyed Chetana S. Naik
  • Review Article
    Role of endoscopic DCR with stenting in cases of presaccal obstruction: a prospective study
    Tripti Maithani, Apoorva Pandey, V.P.Singh

  • Ear Nose and throat diseases in paediatric patients at a secondary hospital in Mali
    Sacko HB
  • Review Article
    External Ear infections in diabetics- Challenges in management
    Vadisha Srinivas Bhat,Shubha P Bhat,Harish Rao, Satheesh Kumar Bhandary
  • Case Report
    A typical clinic of foreign objects in the Maxillary Sinus ; Cluster-Type Head-ache
    Yazici ZM, Gulustan F, Alakhras W, Cel K M, Acipayam H, Kayhan FT
  • Review Article
    Role of Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology in Salivary Gland Pathology and Its Histopathological Correlation: A Five Year Descriptive Study in a Tertiary Car Centre
    Yogambal Muthureddy, Chandramouleeswari Kathirvel, Marylilly, Susai Adaikalam
  • Case Report
    Intralesional steroid for Infantile Parotid Hemangiomas: An understanding with a case report
    Anju Chauhan, Vikram Wadhwa, Samuel Rajan , P.K. Rathore
  • Case Report
    Venous malformation of External Jugular Vein : A case report
    Sanjana Vijay Nemade, Chetana Shivadas Naik, Priyajeet Panigrahi, Haris Qadri
  • Case Report
    Kimura?S Disease: A Rare Cause of Neck Swelling
    Shyamakant Prasad, Vineet Gupta, Ashok Kumar, Sulabha Naik

  • Nasal Foreign Bodies and their management: a study in medical college hospital
    Shashikumar T, Sherry C, Pooja N, Sudhir M Naik, Ravishankar B, Deekshith R M, Sathya P
  • Review Article
    A Prospective Study on Surgical Outcomes In Obstructive Sleep Apnoea? A Series of 40 Cases
    M K Rajasekar, Venkata Subramaniam Jagannathan Vikram, Ronald Anto
  • Review Article
    A Review of Parotid Gland Tumours in Port Harcourt, Nigeria Onotai Lucky, Department Of Ent Surgery Upth, Port Harcourt Rivers State and Opara Kingsley Department of Surgery Imo State University Teaching Hospital Orlu, Imo State
    Lucky Obukowho Onotai, Kingsley Opara
  • Review Article
    Assessment of Surgical Outcomes of Rhinoplasty ? A Clinical Study
    Tanthry Deepalakshmi, Tanthry Gururaj, Kumar Sushant, Devan PP, Bhandary Rukma
  • Research Article
    Tobacco ,oxidative stress and protein carbonyl content
    Reshma Prakash Chavan, Shivraj Marotirao Ingole, Vinayak Waman Patil, Shubhangi Mahesh Dalvi
  • Case Report
    Transnasal endoscopic diagnosis of a parapharyngeal heterotopic pleomorphic adenoma A Case Report
    Mazen Hammoud, Bachar Skaff, Hamdi Hamiyyeh
  • Case Report
    Trapezoid Shaped Omohyoideus Muscle: An Anatomic Variation Seen in Functional Neck Dissection
    Lokman Uzun, Numan Kokten, Gul Ozbilen Acar
  • Case Report
    Case Report of Dcr Done In a Hcv Positive Patient on Pacemaker
    Santhosh Kumar Sajane, Seethalakshmi Narasiman, Balasubramanian Thiagarajan
  • Case Report
    Sphenochoanal polyp a case report