Current Pediatric Research

Articles in Press

2018: Volume 22, Issue 1

Short Communication P.1-3

The implementation of community mobilisation to prevent and manage pediatric CNS disorders in sub-Saharan Africa.

Author(s): Lujain Ammar, Ahmed Ammar


Case Report P.4-8

Advanced case of sitosterolemia with a novel homozygous mutation

Author(s): Taher Z, Ibrahim B, Saifaldeen R, Albar R

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Research Article P.9-15

The prevalence of psychological and behavioral changes among children and adolescents with diabetes in Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

Author(s): Eman Alkhairi, Abdulmoein E AlAgha, Arwa Alasmari, Asmaa Khan, Nuha Hijazi, Yara Subahi, Ghofran Sulaimani, Nada Telmesani, Yara Bojan, Israa Alzarmah

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Research Article P.16-22

Clinical presentations, glycemic control, complications, and associated autoimmune diseases among children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes in the western region of Saudi Arabia.

Author(s): Sarah M Alshawi, Abdulmoein E Al-Agha, Ghadah A Althibiti, Amjaad M Almotairi, Marwa Z Rambo, Maram K Alnabulsi, Yam O Ismaiel

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Research Article P.23-29

Effects of rearing pet insects for improving mental health and salivary diurnal cortisol profile of elementary school children: A Pilot study.

Author(s): A Sol Kim, Hae Jin Ko, Hye In Choi, Hana Moon, Seong Hyun Kim

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Research Article P.30-32

Early urethral obstruction sequence in fetuses or fetal obstructive uropathy (FOU): A study of 15 cases.

Author(s): Nadia Ben Jamaa, Radhouane Achour, Nesrine Ben Hadj Dahman, Sarra Mestri, Sihem Hmissa, Moncef Makni, Mohamed Tahar Yacoubi


2017: Volume 0, Issue 0