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Xenobiotic may be grouped as carcinogens, drugs, environmental pollutants, food additives, hydrocarbons, and pesticides.  These are synthetic chemicals and are not found in nature.These compounds are of high molecular mass, are insoluble or less soluble in water, have condensed aromatic rings and polycyclic structures, and are aliphatic compounds with high substitution by new groups. Tubule cells have metabolic enzyme systems for both Type I and Type II metabolism, although there may be quantitative or qualitative differences in which isoenzymes are expressed. Exposure to xenobiotic agents in soil may occur from inhalation of windblown soil particulates, and consumption of food-containing xenobiotic derived from the soil, as discussed earlier. Soil can also be directly ingested by people, either deliberately or inadvertently.  For this practice to be useful, the benefits from consumption of the soil must outweigh any deleterious effects from xenobiotic present in the soil being consumed.

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