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Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment may be a procedure wont to take away contaminants from wastewater or sewage and change it into an sewage which will be returned to the water cycle with minimum impact on the environment, or directly reused. The concluding is called water reclamation because treated wastewater can be used for other purposes. The treatment procedure takes place during a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), frequently mentioned as a Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF) or a Sewage Treatment Plant (STP). Pollutants in municipal wastewater (households and small industries) are detached or broken down.

The treatment of wastewater is a component of the overarching field of sanitation. Sanitation also included the management of human waste and solid waste as well as stormwater (drainage) management. By-products from wastewater treatment plants, such as screenings, grit and sewage sludge may also be considered in a wastewater treatment plant.

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