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Mycology is the part of science worried about the investigation of parasites, including their hereditary and biochemical properties, their scientific classification and their utilization to people as a hotspot for kindling, medication (e.g., penicillin), food (e.g., lager, wine, cheddar, eatable mushrooms), and entheogens, just as their perils, for example, harming or contamination. A scholar represent considerable authority in mycology is known as a mycologist. From mycology emerged the field of phytopathology, the investigation of plant maladies, and the two orders remain firmly related in light of the fact that by far most of "plant" pathogens are parasites. The High Impact factor diary Virology and Mycology is an open access online diary, which distributes unique full length, short exploration articles (letters) and audits on all territories of Mycology. The High Impact factor Virology and Mycology diary, is an open access that expects to give total and solid data on current improvements in the field of Mycology. The accentuation is on distributing the articles of good quality which are quickly and openly accessible around the world

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