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Hydrogel may be a new class of functional polymer materials with a promising potential within the biomedical field. The purpose of this article is to review recent advancements in several types of biomedical hydrogels, including conductive hydrogels, injectable hydrogels, double network hydrogels, responsive hydrogels, Nano composite hydrogels, and sliding hydrogels. The acidic groups deprotonate at high pH, while the essential groups protonate at low pH. The association, dissociation, and binding of varied ions to polymer chains cause hydrogel swelling in a solution. Hydrogels can also be categorized supported ionic charges as follows: neutral (no charge) like dextran; anionic (negative charge) like carrageenan; cationic (positive charge) like chitosan; and ampholytic (capable of behaving either positively or negatively) like collagen.OMICS International conferences include data sessions and empirical papers. Conference participants can analyse recordings of round table discussion and interactions.These journals are indexed with all their citations noted. The top open access journals are indexed in MEDLINE, PUBMED, SCOPUS, COPERNICUS, CAS, EBSCO and ISI.


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