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Zika virus infection new threat in global health

Joint Event on 7th European Clinical Microbiology Congress & 4th International Conference on Ophthalmology and Eye Disorder
November 01-02, 2018 | London, UK

Saber Mosaad Hegazy

Al Azhar University, Egypt

Posters & Accepted Abstracts : Clinical Microbiology and Eye

DOI: 10.4066/2591-8036-C1-003


In this abstract we will show the history of virus, classification, properties of virus including virion properties, virus replication, Similarities and differences between other members in the same genus. As skin is the first line of body defense against infection we examined infected skin to see the histopathology as a marker of infection regarding viral molecular pathogenesis molecular epidemiology, evolution and phylogenetic analysis. Referring to symptoms of virus as a primary indicator for infection since the symptoms appeared only in 20% of infected people, including the most common symptoms such as (microcephaly, guillian barre syndrome). There is no doubt that the victor has a critical role in spreading the virus, so we will talk about transmission and mode of transmission. Detection of virus by different ways (serology and RT-PCR). Control of vector by using: 1. Traditional technique like using repellent and chemicals. 2. Advanced biological ways for control (modifying of some vector genes, production of new off spring generation) and 3. Finally treatment.



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