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Using mental imagery in Stroke Rehabilitation in Saudi Arabia

Joint Event on 12th International Conference on Vascular Dementia and Dementia & 8th International Conference on Neurological Disorders and Stroke
March 14-16, 2019 | London, UK

Najla AlHashil, Kate R and Eirini K

University of Nottingham, UK

Scientific Tracks Abstracts : J Brain Neurol


Background: Mental Imagery (MI) is the experience of generating images of movements in the mind. Recent findings from randomized clinical trials have suggested its use in rehabilitation programmes to improve stroke patients’ functional recovery; however, there are no guidelines to support its use in Saudi Arabian clinical practice.

Purpose: This Delphi survey aims to develop best practice recommendations for the use of MI by investigating the necessary factors and equipment required to facilitate the use of MI within stroke rehabilitation. Additionally, attributes of stroke survivors needed to engage with MI within the context of stroke rehabilitation will be identified.

Methods: A web-based Delphi survey will be conducted in Bristol Online Survey. Local, national and international experts in the use of MI in stroke rehabilitation clinical practice or research will be identified from recent published research, and local and national networks, clinical interest groups, and snowball sampling. The study will take three to four months, with approximately two to five rounds. Data will be analysed with a consensus cut-off score value of ≥ 70%. Statements that do not reach value will be re-sent to the participants for reappraisal on further rounds. The quantitative data obtained from the questionnaires will reported after being analysed using descriptive statistics, and percentage consensus, using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (Version 24).

Results and discussion: Ethical approval was sought for this study. Completion of the study will occur when the target consensus level is reached. To date, round one has been completed, and results have been analysed. Response from round one, has indicated that 41% of the total items have not reached consensus. For that round two survey has been sent to the participants for completion. We anticipate the study will be completed by March 2019. Conclusion: Recommendations for best practice for MI use in stroke rehabilitation will be reported based on the findings.


Najla AlHashil is doing her PhD at the University of Nottingham, and is working as a physiotherapist at the hospital of University of Imam Abdurrahman Bin Faisal since 2007 in Saudi Arabia. 


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