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Articles in Press

2018: Volume 0, Issue 0

Case Report P.21-27

The role of non-invasive brain stimulation in neurorehabilitation of post-stroke dysphagia.

Author(s): Meysam Amidfar*, Hadis Jalainejad

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Research Article P.1-7

Analysis of the curative effect of a new decompressive craniectomy on the treatment of severe craniocerebral injury.

Author(s): Qianlei Liang, Xin Chen, Dehua Liu, Yueting Gao, Yongchuan Guo

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Research Article P.8-13

Transcranial dopplerography in acute left-hemispheric ischemic stroke

Author(s): Abdullaiev RYA1, Sysun LA1, Tovazhnyanska OL2, Posokhov NF3, Markovska O2

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