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Tourette Syndrome at school in Argentina

International Conference on Parkinson’s, Huntington’s & Movement Disorders
April 17-18, 2019 | Frankfurt, Germany

Andrea S Bonzini

Argentine Association for Tourette Syndrome, Argentina

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Tourette Syndrome (TS) is a neurologic disorder that becomes in early childhood or adolescence. is characterized by motor and vocal tics. Some Tic Disorders may be transient, while others will persist into adolescence and adulthood. It is common for people with Tourette Syndrome to be affected by another co-occurring condition like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Anxiety, There is no cure for Tourette Syndrome, but there are various treatment options
I would like to tell you the story of AAST (Argentine Association for Tourette Syndrome).Our Conferences are aimed to health and education professionals and students in related careers, as well as to the families of children and/or adults suffering Tourette:I will briefly explain my own story about how I created the Association. When my daughter was 8 years old-at present she is 22-she was diagnosed with TS It was a long 2years journey until a diagnose was reached. When my daughter was 6 year old I began to notice several tics. During a routine control with her pediatrician, who knows her since she was born, I told him about certain sounds she made and I insisted on these tics such as winks and short head movements. Of course I received the same answer : “you are an overprotective mother, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your daughter, it will all go away”. As the year went by and the situation worsened for new problems appeared such as anger and some phobia, the environment at home was one of constant fighting, screaming and swearing unimaginable for an 8-year-old. Years spent explaining that she was able to do the same things like any other girl her age first, then as a teenager, years sending medication to camp trips, to a graduate trip, with the look of apprehension for the responsibility and especially the fear of people who did not understand that it was neither dangerous nor contagious, that they just had to make sure she took her medication and played, enjoyed, danced, sang, etc.
That’s why is so important the awareness.


Andrea S.Bonzini, Founder & President for the Argentine Association for Tourette Syndrome since September 19th, 2012. The association was created, primarily to inform and educate teachers that our children would not have a bad experience throughout their school years, the most important experience of their growth. AATS is a non-profit association where all is done with the heart and with one’s own efforts. 


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