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The pathogenesis and characteristics of congenital affliction associated with zika virus - What to do

4th International Conference on Medical Microbiology
May 20-21, 2019 | Vienna, Austria

Lawrence D Frenkel

University of Illinois, USA

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Zika virus infections have exploded on the international scene with little warning due in part to the genetic changes in the virus over time in different geographic areas resulting in variable epidemiology, host-virus immune interactions, pathology and clinical manifestations. These will be reviewed with an emphasis on the genomic evolution and pathogenesis. Comparisons will be made to other pathogens that are associated with congenital affliction. Worldwide experience with attempts to care for these children will be discussed and the creation of national programs to respond to this public health threat including the development of antivirals and vaccines.



E-mail:  lfrenkel@uic.edu

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