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The impact of Parkinson’s disease on quality of life, cognition, postural balance and functional tasks in older adults

International Conference on Parkinson’s, Huntington’s & Movement Disorders
April 17-18, 2019 | Frankfurt, Germany

Luna NMS

University Anhembi Morumbi, Brazil

Keynote : J Brain Neurol


Objective: To analyze the influence of PD on physical function, cognition and quality of life.

Design: This was a cross-sectional study involving 40 older adults of both genders, divided into two groups: Parkinson’s group and Control group (without PD). Quality of life was assessed using the WHOQOL-OLD and WHOQOL-BREF instruments; cognition by MoCA assessment; postural balance by a computerized analysis on a force plate (Balance Master); and a dynamic functional test by BESTest.

Results: The group with PD presented worse performance in relation to the BESTest domains: biomechanical constraints (P= 0.03); limited stability (P= 0.01) and sensory orientation (P=0.03); Balance test: walk across (P<0.01); step up (P=0.05) and step down (P=0.01). The quality of life questionnaires showed worse scores for the Parkinson’s group when making comparisons via the WHOQOLBREF questionnaire in relation to the domains: physical, psychological and environmental. There was no difference in the cognition examinations.

Conclusion: PD negatively affects quality of life in physical, psychological and environmental aspects; and on postural balance in relation to biomechanical restriction, limited stability and sensory orientation; and on the functional tasks of step up, step down and walking across and returning.


Luna NMS has completed her PhD and Master degree in biomechanics at University of São Paulo, Postdoctoral in aging and Parkinson´s Disease at University São Judas Tadeu. Physical therapist, with specialization in Sport Traumato-Orthopedics at Federal University of São Paulo. Professor at University Anhembi Morumbi and pos grad teacher in University Estácio de Sá. She also works as a researcher in the following fields: Gait training; Cognition and Parkinson´s Disease. 


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