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The effective role of complementary and alternative medicine in treating diabetes mellitus

Joint Event on International Conference on Emerging Diseases, Outbreaks & Case Studies & 16th Annual Meeting on Influenza
March 28-29, 2018 | Orlando, USA

Srijit Das

The National University of Malaysia, Malaysia

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Over the last few decades, the incidence of diabetes mellitus (DM) has increased drastically. This has resulted in the rise of morbidity and mortality. Treatment of complications arising due to DM is a big challenge. In this regard, the role of complementary and alternative medicine is pertinent to mention. This is because of less complication, lesser cost, easy availability and better patient compliance while using these herbal products. Our quest for treating the DM complications with complementary and alternative medicine showed promising results. Over the last decade, we created experimental animal model of DM and treated it with herbal extracts such as Piper sarmentosum, Piper betle and Momordica charantia. The oxidative damage to the tissues was seen to be less once the experimental animals were treated with such herbal products. Epithelial wounds even healed faster, and integrity of the epithelium was restored to normal. The biochemical tests such as wound contraction rate and total protein content also proved that these herbal extracts acted as excellent antioxidants. Based on our research findings, it could be concluded that herbal extracts have a greater role to play in the treatment of DM and its complications. e:das_srijit23@rediffmail.com


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