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Swine Flu Myths & Fact, Local/Global GOI Guidelines Awareness & Surveillance

Joint Event on International Conference on Emerging Diseases, Outbreaks & Case Studies & 16th Annual Meeting on Influenza
March 28-29, 2018 | Orlando, USA

Bhavin H Bhatt

Sterling Ramkrishna specialty Hospital, INDIA

Scientific Tracks Abstracts : Microbiol Curr Res


Background: Swine flu is an acute respiratory infection caused by influenza virus (H1N1 subtype A). It is a highly contagious virus. If remains undiagnosed & untreated, it causes significant morbidity and mortality and spread in community. Aim: Primary goal of this study is to spread epidemiological awareness for Swine Flu & to convey the Guidelines provided by Government of India & WHO to general public specifically Students, Healthcare workers, Social representatives & layman (mainly housewives). To educate people & take their feedback for the awareness they got. Get rid of community from Myths for such a big public health problem. Methods and Materials: This retrospective descriptive study analyses of Swine Flu awareness & satisfaction level of targeted audience in the state of Gujarat from the month of July 2017 to October 2017. The study included only those who were filling the feedback forms given after each of the educational seminar as per the national guidelines. Besides the presentation on government Guidelines people were given self-assessment tool kit to check their level of understanding. The audience is classified according to age, gender, location, approach to government or private hospital, educational qualification, occupation etc. The incidence ratio for the satisfaction level & awareness of the community is calculated and compared with other states. Conclusion: Epidemiological parameters and seasonal pattern of swine flu awareness gives ideas that such educational programs can improve the people’s general attentiveness & responsiveness towards them self and for the community. Such programs & surveillance will lead to improve the control strategies to minimize the morbidity & mortality and spread of disease & overcome the old alternative methodologies to control the infection.


Bhavin Bhatt has completed his PhD in 2009 years from Bhavnagar University, Gujarat INDIA. He is Consultant Microbiologist & Head Hospital Infection Control. He is having more than 18 years of experience in the field of Microbiology & Infection control. He has a personal expertise in Infectious diseases, Microbiological/Bacteriological Diagnostic technologies. He has carried out more than 95000 culture & sensitivity testing of various clinical specimens. He has number of publications under his name. He has conducted more than 150 awareness programs for more than 10000 students/ healthcare workers/community representatives & layman as a Designated Nodal Officer for Swine Flu & Infectious diseases by State Government.
Email: bhavinbhattmicro@gmail.com

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