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Rejuvenating Smiles and Faces with Botox®, derma fillers and platelet-rich plasma

2nd International Conference on Dental Health and Oral Hygiene
September 05-06, 2019 | London, UK

Zehan M Irani,Julee Chaudhary

Smile n Shine Dental Care, India

Keynote : J Clin Dentistry Oral Health


Over the last decade, there has been a shift in the way aesthetic surgeons approach facial rejuvenation. Understanding the aging process is crucial to attaining optimal results with facial rejuvenation procedures. Understanding the importance of volume loss to aging features has recalibrated the manner in which the maturing face is treated. While surgical intervention remains vital, replenishing volume to attain a more youthful appearance is at the forefront of aesthetic science.

With recognition of the value of volume enhancement in achieving a more youthful appearance, as well as the ease of office procedures offering minimal downtime and predictable results, there has been a concomitant explosion in the soft tissue filler market. With a solid understanding of filler products, appropriate filler selection, prudent patient selection, and proper injection techniques, the aesthetic surgeon can expect satisfied patients with effective volume correction.

Current trends in facial rejuvenation have made a shift toward volume replacement complementing, or in lieu of, surgically advancing the skin and supporting tissues. Contemporary patients overwhelmingly request minimally invasive alternatives for achieving a rejuvenated appearance. Fillers can meet many of their desires, with concomitant high safety profiles and minimized downtime. With the rapidly evolving filler market, it is vital for physicians to make educated and thoughtful choices before broadly applying novel products. With today’s commercially available materials, the aesthetic physician’s armamentarium of facial fillers can be appropriately and effectively used to achieve significant cosmetic outcomes. Which products are ultimately used in a successful patient–filler scenario is dependent on the patient’s aesthetic needs in combination with the physician’s knowledge of current facial fillers and injection expertise.


Zehan Irani is a well renowned and leading dentist in Valsad. Currently, he is the founder and Owner at Smile N Shine Dental N Skin N Hair Centre. He is also a lecturer in the department of prosthodontics and crown and bridge at Vaidik Dental College and research centre, Daman. He is the Hospital coordinator and academic co-coordinator at Vaidik Dental College, Daman. He is an active member of Indian Dental Association and is the Honorary State Secretary Daman and DNH (U.T.). Julee Chaudhary is a well renowned and leading dentist in Valsad. Currently, she is the Co- Founder at Smile N Shine Dental N Skin N Hair Centre. She is also the Director Of Marketing for Smile N Shine Group. She is a Facial Cosmetologist (Botox , Derma fillers, PRP) attached with Aesthetic Smiles, Mumbai, and more than 10 Clinics in and around Valsad District.


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