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Proposed practical guide for the treatment of keratoconus

3rd International Conference on Eye and Vision
August 21-23, 2017 | Toronto, Canada

Hector Hugo Paez Villa

Santo Tomas University, Colombia

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Introduction: The professional practice of the author for over 10 years in the study, analysis, measurement and calculation of contact lenses for different corneal ecstasies; Has carried out an effective, agile and safe treatment guide or protocol for the optometric and contactlogical management of keratoconus. Objective: Provide visual health professionals specifically with advanced contact lenses, a practical guide to successfully adapting and formulating contact lenses for different corneal ecstasies. Results And Conclusions: The increasing demand of patients diagnosed with keratoconus, the diagnostic advances and a number of therapeutic alternatives offered by the current contactology. They cannot be far from an effective, accurate and conclusive clinical treatment. This guide from the complex to the practical will lead the professional in visual health to have sufficient capacity to determine the therapeutic plan in each case and general thus provide the possibility for the ectasic patient to enjoy the true sensation of seeing well, clear and accurate.


Hector Hugo Paez Villa. From Colombia. . Professional in Optometry of the University of Salle Bogota. With Diploma in Primary Eye Care of the Andean Area University Foundation Medellin. I have just received my degree of Specialist in Previous Segment and Contact Lenses at Universidad Santo Tomas Bucaramanga. I am a member of the College of Optometry at the Colombian Federation of Optometrists Col FEDOPTO Medellin. Member of The Vision Care Institute Bogota, of the Brazilian Institute for Training and Research in Contact Lenses and the Scleral Lens Education Society. I practice my professional practice in the area of advanced contactology in the city of Medellín and I am the founder of the Latin American group; Let’s talk about Contact Lenses.

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