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Perceived violence, level of depression and quality of life of female workers from unorganized sector of India

Joint Event on 5th International Conference on Brain Disorders and Therapeutics & Mental Health and Psychology
November 05-06, 2018 | Edinburgh, Scotland

Ishita Chatterjee

University of Calcutta, India

Scientific Tracks Abstracts : J Brain Neurol


Domestic violence is a worldwide menace, impairing women’s physical and mental health and quality of life. NCRB (Crime in India, chapter 5, 2014, P- 83) reports that of the total women population in India West Bengal accounts for 7.5% and out of the total reported crime against women nation wise, 12.7 % occur in West Bengal. Aim of the present paper tries to throw some light on that impact of perceived violence on the level of depression and quality of life of female workers in unorganized sector of India especially West Bengal. Methods used for the study examines the impact of three kinds of violence (i.e. physical, sexual and psychological) among three groups (namely Domestic Help, Informal Care Givers and Micro Enterprise Workers) of women from unorganized sector, on their level of depression and quality of life. Multistage Disproportionate Stratified Random sampling Method was followed. The final sample comprised 513 workers. Data was collected using a Violence Inventory, Beck Depression Inventory and Quality of Life Questionnaire. Statistical analysis was done applying SPSS package. Result of the research can be put-up as domestic Violence was clearly evident in all three groups of unorganized sector. Significant mean difference was noticed among the three groups of workers in case of psychological violence. Interaction effect of sexual violence on quality of life, sexual violence and age on quality of life and sexual, psychological and physical violence on quality of life was found to be significant. Mean difference of all three forms of violence on depression and quality of life was noticeably significant. To conclude the combat the evil of domestic violence, improvement in the quality of life of economically independent women should be prioritized focusing on their education, increasing the minimum stipulated age limit of marriage victims are likely to benefit from stronger legislation and police action counselling centres and local support groups. If restoring their loss of self-respect is an important agenda making avenues for reappraisal easily available to them should be the other part of it.


Ishita Chatterjee has a number of National and International publications in reputed journals. I have authored two books and number of book chapters in psychology. Completed projects till date are : 1. Stress, Coping, Suicidal ideation and Meaning in life of college students- sponsored by- University Grants Commission. 2. A project on Stress coping, Aggression, and Mental Health Status of auto rickshaw drivers in around Kolkata sponsored by- Indian Council of Social Science Research, Govt of India. 3. A project on Motivating employees- sponsored by –Himadri Chemicals Ph.D have been submitted by three scholars under Her supervision so far. Currently guiding four Ph.D students. She is actively involved in teaching research and development. She pursued her Ph.D. from Department of Applied Psychology University of Calcutta, India. She was also awarded Gold Medal for her work during her Master degree. 


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