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Pattern of ocular toxicity in patients on Antipsychotic Drug Therapy at Alexandria Main University Hospital

Joint Event on International Conference on Toxicology, Clinical Toxicology & Pharmacology & 6th International Conference on Recycling & Waste Management
December 03-04, 2018 | Dubai, UAE

Wafaa Mohammed Elsehly

Alexandria University, Egypt

Posters & Accepted Abstracts : J Clin Exp Tox

DOI: 10.4066/2630-4570-C1-003


Schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterized by abnormal social behaviour and failure to understand what is real. The eye is supposed to be the second organ to manifest drug toxicity following liver. This study aimed to assess the possibility of occurrence of ocular toxic effects of antipsychotic drugs, evaluate intraocular pressure of chronic psychotic patients treated with antipsychotic medications, and relate ocular toxic effects in patients treated with a variety of antipsychotics to duration of treatment and to detect early ocular toxic effects for early intervention. The present study conducted on 100 chronic adult psychotic patients out of them 78% males and 22% females attending EL- HADDRA University Hospital treated with antipsychotic drugs for a period more than six months. In this study 70% of the patients were treated by both typical and atypical antipsychotic drugs, 16% of them received only atypical antipsychotics and the least percentage was on typical antipsychotics (14%). 2% of cases show conjunctival pigmentations whom treated with typical antipsychotics alone 4% of cases only suffered from corneal opacity, all of them treated with typical antipsychotics alone. There was a significant relation between lens opacity and duration of treatment with typical antipsychotics alone. There was a significant correlation between duration of treatment with antipsychotics and IOP for both eyes and a significant difference between different duration categories of treatment with antipsychotics regarding to IOP in both eyes, it was highest with duration more than 25 years. Most of the cases have free fundus and only (2%) of them who treated with typical antipsychotics alone have abnormality. So increased cup disc ratio occurs only with typical antipsychotic. It was concluded that ocular toxicity was manifested mainly with typical antipsychotics that affected by duration of treatment. The incidence of toxicity decreased with combination of typical and atypical.


Wafaa Mohammed Elsehly has completed her PhD at the age of 34 years from Alexandria University, EGYPT. She is a Professor of Forensic Medicine and clinical toxicology in Armed Faculty of Medicine Ministry of defense .she is the Director of Quality Assurance Unit in Faculty of medicine Alexandria University. She has many publications, and actively participated in many international conferences. She contributed writing many books in forensic medicine and toxicology, ethics, and nursing. She attended more than 50 workshops in different fields. She was included in the 2009 Edition of Who’s Who in the World. She is a reviewer in many scientific journals. 


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