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Partial characterization, efficacy tests, clinical and histological evaluation of a plant species (Montanoa) in the process of healing superficial wounds in Murine model

November 04-05, 2019 | Prague, Czech Republic

Galaviz Hernandez Stephania

Instituto Politecnico Nacional, México

Posters & Accepted Abstracts : J Clin Exp Tox

DOI: 10.35841/2630-4570-C2-009


Healing and regeneration processes take place in all parts of the human body, while regeneration describe the specific substitution of the tissue, i.e. the superficial epidermis, mucosa, skin repair displays an unspecific form of healing in which the wound heals by fibrosis and scar formation. Rats and mice represent an ideal preclinical model to study new products. However, wound healing in a mouse is fundamentally different to that of humans where the repair process is then dependent on epithelialization, cellular proliferation and angiogenesis, which closely mirror the biological processes of human wound healing, allows for testing of promising agents that may promote rapid healing like Montanoa Grandiflora, which have been considered as promising systems of phytopharmaceutical administration by the pharmaceutical industry, mainly because they are biocompatible, available in nature, nontoxic and economical in its elaboration in order to satisfy the demand presented today. Healing of skin wounds is a highly complex process aimed at recovering the integrity of the tissue, allowing its regeneration and restoring its functions.


Galaviz Hernández Stephania is a Biotechnology Engineer and currently studying the master’s in advanced technology at the Instituto Politécnico Nacional. He has done bioinformatics studies developing three - dimensional models of the variation in the allele – specific expression in the developing mammalian heart and he is also currently involved in the investigation of phytopharmaceutical to assess its healing power in superficial, deep wounds and diabetic foot ulcers.

E-mail: [email protected]

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