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Invasive origin and parasite subsistence of human cancer

Joint Event on International Conference on Emerging Diseases, Outbreaks & Case Studies & 16th Annual Meeting on Influenza
March 28-29, 2018 | Orlando, USA

Sergey N Rumyantsev

Andent Inc., USA

Posters & Accepted Abstracts : Microbiol Curr Res


The ability of human cancer to invade tissues and cells is out of the mainstream of discoveries of cancer pathogenesis and subsistence. Our goal is to present maximally exhaustive epidemiological, clinical, genetic and immunological evidence of invasive origin of cancerous disease. The investigation is grounded on a multidisciplinary integrative reassessment and reinterpretation of relevant cancer data from the viewpoint of recent achievements in epidemiology, immunology, molecular interspecies ecology and the theory of biological evolution. There exist a lot of cancer features that united cancer with undoubtedly invasive parasitic diseases. Main features includes: Interethnic differences in susceptibility to cancer; Individual differences in susceptibility to cancer; Individual differences in intrabody locations of cancer affections; and Individual differences in intraorgan locations of cancer affection the gressivness (gobblenness) the subsistence at the expense of materials, energy and functions of victim. The multiplicity of functions that belong to human cancer are performed by a causative agent of the disease, unprecedently specialized monocellular biological entity that evolved to invade human body and to subsist in it at the expense of the materials, energy and functions of the invaded organism. The human cancer has been provided in it evolution by a set of genetic adaptations. Cancerous cells are absolutely resistant to defense performed by immune system of invaded organism but ignore physiological regulation of cells dividing and tissues growth. These features are in contradiction to existed paradigm of mutations origin of initial cancer cell and its subsequent dispersion (metastasis) around invaded human body. What is more, in contrast to other micro-parasites population of cancerous cells exists as a present whole entity? Populations of West Africa, Abyssinia and India are most resistant to cancer. e:rumyan1@yahooo.com


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