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2nd International Conference on DENTISTRY AND ORAL HEALTH
April 15-16, 2019 | Milan, Italy

Samara S Basher, Noradinar Baharuddin, Roslan Saub, Syarida Hasnur Safii, Rathna Devi Vaithilingam,Fouad Hussain Al Bayati and Aqil M Daher

University Malaya Medical Centre, Malaysia University Technology MARA System, Malaysia National Defence University of Malaysia

Posters & Accepted Abstracts : J Clin Dentistry Oral Health


Background: Oral Health Related Quality of Life (OHRQoL) is an important measure of disease and intervention outcomes. Chronic periodontitis (CP) is an inflammatory condition that is associated with obesity and adversely affects ORHQoL. Obese patients with CP incur a double burden of disease. In this poster we aimed to explore the effect of Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy (NSPT) on OHRQoL among obese participants with chronic periodontitis.

Materials & Methods: This was a randomized control clinical trial at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Malaya. A total of 66 obese patients with chronic periodontits were randomly allocated into the treatment group (n=33) who received NSPT, while the control group (n=33) received no treatment. Four participants (2 from each group) were non-contactable 12 weeks post intervention. Therefore, their data were removed from the final analysis. The protocol involved questionnaires (characteristics and OHRQoL (Oral Health Impacted Profile- 14; OHIP-14)) and clinical examination.

Results: The OHIP prevalence of impact (PI), overall mean OHIP severity score (SS) and mean OHIP extent of Impact (EI) at baseline and at 12 weeks follow up were almost similar between the two groups and statistically not significant at (p=0.618), (p=0.573), and (p=0.915), respectively. However, in a within –group comparison, OHIP PI, OHIP SS, and OHIP EI showed a significant improvement for both treatment and control groups and the p values were ((0.002), (0.008) for PI), ((0.006) and (0.004) for SS) and ((0.006) and (0.002) for EI) in-treatment and control groups, respectively.

Conclusion: NSPT did not significantly affect the OHRQol among those obese with CP. Regardless, NSPT, functional limitation and psychological discomfort domains had significantly improved.


Samara S Basher obtained the master’s in Dental Science (MDSc) from University of Malaya in 2018. I had grown up in Iraq and attended the Dental college/University of Baghdad from 1999-2004 and granted bachelor’s degree in dental surgery (BDS) in 2004. She travelled to Malaysia and established her career as a Dental Faculty at University Malaya. She found her interest in periodontology at University of Malaya Restorative Department where he received his master training. She is the member of Malaysian Dental Association. Her passion is to deliver the highest quality of Dental Care and treatment to his patients. First and foremost she believes in prevention. She strives to provide her patients with the best treatment options available focusing on what is necessary for their long-term oral health.

E-mail: [email protected]

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