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Household waste recycling in Helsinki metropolitan area Finland

Joint Event on International Conference on Toxicology, Clinical Toxicology & Pharmacology & 6th International Conference on Recycling & Waste Management
December 03-04, 2018 | Dubai, UAE

Kouvo Petri

Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland

Scientific Tracks Abstracts : J Clin Exp Tox

DOI: 10.4066/2630-4570-C1-002


The separate collection system for recyclable wastes in the Helsinki Metropolitan region was ranked the second best in a study comparing recycling schemes of European capitals (European Commission 2015). The collection system includes paper, cardboard, glass, metals, biowaste and plastic package. Residual waste is collected and used in energy production. The collection system, excluding paper, is managed by the Helsinki Region Environmental Services HSY, a public organization owned by four municipalities (Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen and Vantaa). Paper collection is handled by the producer responsibility scheme. The efficiency of the collection system in the Helsinki region relies on a good coverage of door-to-door-collection. All properties with 10 or more dwelling units are required to source separate biowaste and cardboard. This covers about 75% of the population of the area. The obligation is extended to glass and metal in properties with 20 or more dwelling units. Other success factors include public awareness campaigns and a fee system that encourages recycling. The separate collection of plastic packaging in Finland begun in 2016 within the producer responsibility scheme. HSY is supplementing the curbside collection point system with doorto- door-collection. Pilot operations begun in the spring 2016 and has continued since then. Currently over 5600 apartment buildings have ordered door-to door plastic package collection service on voluntarily basis. HSY launched a proposal for new regional waste management regulations. In the proposal, the number of dwelling units required to source separate wastes is lowered to 5 or more dwelling units. New regulations are planned to come into force in 2021. This paper describes the current efficiency of recycling and estimations of increase of recycling rate of household waste due to new regulations as well as results of LCA for cardboard, plastics and biowaste.


Kouvo Petri has published tens of referred technical articles and other technical reports. His PhD. work investigated the modelling of heavy metal emissions during the co-combustion of biomass, peat and waste. In his current position as a director of the Waste Management Division of the Helsinki Regional Environmental Services Authority he is responsible for the waste management of nearly one million people and several commercial properties living and operation in the Metropolitan area. In addition, Kouvo works as an associate professor at the Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland. Kouvo is Chairman of the Board of Finnish Solid Waste Association (KIVO). In 2010-2012, Kouvo was a Member of the Board of International Solid Waste Association, ISWA.

E-mail: [email protected]

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