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2nd International Conference on DENTISTRY AND ORAL HEALTH
April 15-16, 2019 | Milan, Italy

Erika Lander and Didier Dietschi

Central University of Venezuela, Venezuela

Scientific Tracks Abstracts : J Clin Dentistry Oral Health


Objectives: The Endocrown consists of a circular equigingival butt-joint margin and a central retention cavity of the entire pulp chamber, instead of intracanalicular posts. It is placed into the chamber and 2mm or 4mm into each canal space.

Method & Materials: In a 32 year old woman, with old restorations of amalgam in two lower molars, both with secondary decay, Endocrowns should be taken as a conservative alternative of restoration due to the quantity of remaining tissue in both teeth, that can be appreciate in the clinical evaluation. After removing the temporal material, it was realized how many remaining dental structures were available to conserve and was possible to initiate the preparations.

Results: Due to the conservative procedure some of the remaining tooth structure could be used for retention; due to the material that was used, a more natural shape appearance could be obtained; and finally, taking advantage of adhesive techniques, risks of gaps, secondary decays and failures were avoided, so we could have restorations that could be successful in terms of aesthetics and longevity.

Conclusions: Researcher’s interest to increase the scientific knowledge about this subject, because it could represent an interesting, conservative and secure procedure. They recommended as a real restorative possibility for endodontically treated teeth.


Erika Lander is a Dental Technician and Professor in the Department of Aesthetic Dentistry on the Private Educational Center Somos Saludy Education, Caracas, Venezuela. She is Lecturer, Professor, and Universidad National Experimental Politécnica de la Fuerza Armada of Caracas, Venezuela. She is Invited Professor at Department of Implants, Universidad Santa Maria and UCV of Caracas, Venezuela. She is dedicated to the Private Dentistry in her own Office in Hospital de Clinicas Caracas, Venezuela. She is Researcher, Lecturer, Exclusive Brand Manager and Distributor of Dentium Implants System, Venezuela. She is Dental technician on Ceramics and Director of Creación Dental Art Laboratory. She is Manager Director of Gold Esthetic Group Venezuela since 2019.

E-mail: [email protected]

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