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Effects of the biological life and mankind on the Earth (mainly between 1778 and 2015)

October 18-19, 2017 Toronto, Canada

Bela Ralovich

Ministry of Human Resources, Hungary

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Components and events of timeless and endless Universe are consequences of permanent flow of energy and substance in accordance with the laws of eternal Nature which will never be totally known by mankind. All components of the Universe have lived their own physical life. The life of our Earth is exceptional because of the presence of biological life. The biological life is a biological phenomenon of a living unit, which lasts till its own death. The living unit is a substantial matrix, which is bordered by a permeable membrane/wall. Inside the unit and through its membrane/wall, an organized and directed energy and substance transport flows. The living unit has been affected by the outside effects and it can accommodate to those only between the borders of its own life requirements. In the same time, it influences on its environment, too. Now it seems that the living unit is only present in the Bio-sphere of our Earth which is a closed system for it. In the case of any kind of closed systems, it is obligatory permanently to ensure the specific life conditions which are necessary for a continuous life and reproduction of a living unit. It seems that the appearance of biological life and mainly that of men have fundamentally effected on the Earth. In consequence of the effects different periods can be determined in the life of our Earth. It is necessary to know about these periods because each of them had/ have special energetic and substantial processes which had/ have biological consequences. Now, we shall only deal with a short piece of the period of the life of our Earth which has started in 1778.


He is Working in Institute of Microbiology of UMSP, Institute of Public Health and Epidemiology of UMSP, he also worked at National Meat Research Institute of Budapest, Ministry of Welfare, Budapest, he got Scholarship in Wellcome in Nottingham, British Council in Oxford, he did his Ph.D. in 1973 and D.M.S. in 1986 from the Hung. Academy of Sciences (HAS); His research field includes Bacteriology, Infections, Immunology, Epidemiology, Food hygiene, Environmental protection. He is Adviser of WHO for Listeriosis; he Published 165 articles, 14 books and paper-books.

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