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Joint Event on 19th International Conference on OCULAR PHARMACOLOGY AND EYE CARE & World Congress on PUBLIC HEALTH, EPIDEMIOLOGY AND NUTRITION
September 03 -04 , 2018 | Lisbon , Portugal

Renato Nunes

Central Hospital University of Lisbon Centre, Portugal

Scientific Tracks Abstracts : Arch Gen Intern Med

DOI: 10.4066/2591-7951-C4-011


The Central Hospital University of Lisbon Centre aggregates 6 Hospital facilities scattered through the city of Lisbon. Either an Internal Emergency, like a small, missing patient, elevator malfunction, we need to notify several people at the same time. Using a specific software we develop an application that lowers the notification time from 7 minutes time to 1 minute. However the Hospital develop a plan to respond a huge Disaster that allows to notify and call about 200 healthcare professionals in 30 minutes time. In our talk we going the present the theorical framework and also present the software and the results from Internal Emergency as well simulations made from a plane crash disaster management. We will discuss further applications to Public Health Monitoring and Prevention.


Renato Nunes has completed his master of Organizational Behavior from Lisbon University, and was a PhD student at Seville University Spain. At the present moment is at HRD. He is to develop organizational development from HR point of view. He has over 100 talks and several published papers. He had belonging to review paper board from Asiedad y estres a peer review Journal. In 2009 together with Mercedes Bilbao were distinguished with the Public Sector Award for Good Practices for the organizational process improvement with Connexall’s software.

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