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Dementia and falls

Joint Event on 12th International Conference on Vascular Dementia and Dementia & 8th International Conference on Neurological Disorders and Stroke
March 14-16, 2019 | London, UK

Si Ching LIM , Limin YONG

Changi General Hospital, Singapore NTUC Health, Singapore

Scientific Tracks Abstracts : J Brain Neurol


Falls are common among the elderly, especially so among elderly with dementia and the rate of injurious falls is also higher among the elderly with dementia. Factors predisposing to falls among elderly with dementia include gait abnormality, autonomic dysfunction, executive dysfunction, depression, BPSD, drugs etc. Can we assess fall risk and are what can we do to reduce fall risk. Sharing the experience of dementia ward and fall in a teaching hospital in Singapore.


Si Ching LIM is a senior consultant, Geriatrician at Changi General Hospital (CGH), Singapore. She has a special interest in dementia care particularly in patients with behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia. She is in charge of a 20 bedded dementia ward in CGH. She is responsible for developing the ward and training the staff in managing elderly with delirium and dementia with challenging behaviours. She is also teaching the nurses in the management of elderly patients in CGH to better manage elderly with behavioural symptoms without using physical restraints. She graduated from the Bristol University and completed her postgraduate training in General Medicine in London. She is also a visiting consultant in Ang Mo Kio Community Hospital. Currently, she collaborates with the department of General Surgery on management of elderly post-operative care, created a recipe book for elderly who eat poorly using oral nutritional supplements. She is in the process of developing a dysphagia cup and a second recipe book for persons with severe dementia. Limin Yong is currently developing evidence-based community care models and enhancing long term care manpower capability for community settings. She has worked in many clinical settings, including acute tertiary centres, community hospitals and day rehab centres. Her clinical and research interests are in older adults’ health, geriatric rehabilitation and falls prevention. She was awarded the Health Manpower Development Plan fellowship to undergo specialised training in geriatric rehabilitation and falls prevention in Australia. She is a strong advocate for inter-professional collaboration in clinical care, education and research. 


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