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Chronic schizophrenia: A child’s perspective and impact on the key senses

Joint Event on 5th International Conference on Brain Disorders and Therapeutics & Mental Health and Psychology
November 05-06, 2018 | Edinburgh, Scotland

Kully Bath

Acupuncture Haven, United Kingdom

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Statement of the Problem: Children who have grown up around parents with severe Mental Health conditions such as Schizophrenia are at serious risk of long-term emotional pathology, sensory overload and sensory lockdown. Impact on the key senses include cognition and processing, deregulation of body temperature, temporary loss of speech and expression, memory, eyesight and hearing. The purpose of this talk is to elicit and create awareness on the impact and experiences of Children of Schizophrenic parents, the aetiology and Mental Health which manifests through to adulthood. Researchers have reported adult Schizophrenia has various risk factors such as stress for children. There are long-term effects throughout life. The mental health needs of children and adolescents are neglected. Action is imperative to reduce mental health problems in future generations and allow the full development of vulnerable children to prosper and reach their full potential. Conclusion and Significance: Children with parents who suffer with Schizophrenia are vulnerable to poor Mental Health, trauma and can have a negative impact on development and the key senses. Recommendations are provided on how to identify the psychological symptoms of Children’s Mental Health and methods for early intervention to unlock the traumas and reduce sensory impact.



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