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Catalytic effect of Ti-based additives on hydrogenation of MgH2

International Conference on Materials Science and Materials Chemistry
August 20-21, 2018 | Paris, France

Kumari M

ENEA Casaccia Research Center, Italy

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Various Ti-based additives (TiF4, TiO2 and TiH2) were added to MgH2 by ball milling and their catalytic effect on hydrogenation properties was investigated. All these additives significantly improved the dehydrogenation performances of MgH2 but among them, TiF4 shows best catalytic effect followed by TiO2 and TiH2 sequentially. The activation energy of dehydrogenation was calculated by using Kissinger’s equation. The result shows that activation energy decreases from -170.48 kJ/mol for as- milled MgH2 to -77.58 kJ/mol for MgH2-TiH2 and further lowers to -75.50 kJ/mol to -70.82 kJ/mol for the MgH2– TiO2 and MgH2-TiF4. Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) shows the onset desorption temperature of MgH2 was also reduced by the addition of different Ti-based additives. XPS studies show that the catalytic effect of these additives on hydrogenation/ dehydrogenation kinetics was due to by the formation of different active species.



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