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Building and leading an inspired pharmacy team: Practical application of highly effective leadership principles

7th World Congress on Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice
December 07-09, 2017 | Rome, Italy

Mark Brouker

Brouker Leadership Solutions, USA

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Building and inspiring a powerful pharmacy team is one of the most important roles of a pharmacy leader. Uninspired teams will perform essential duties but, nothing more. Inspired teams will certainly perform essential duties but, more importantly, these teams will earnestly and proactively accept challenges and initiate effective change before the issue goes from “simple challenge” to “urgent crisis”. In today’s extremely dynamic healthcare environment, inspired pharmacy teams will be able to quickly address challenges that guarantee attainment of long-term goals. This seminar, presented by the only United States Navy Pharmacy Officer in the history of the US Navy to command a Family Medicine Teaching Naval Hospital, will give the pharmacy leader practical and easily applicable tools to build a truly inspired pharmacy team.


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