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An integrative approach to Cancer treatment for longevity and higher quality of life for patients

13th World Cancer Congress
February 25-26, 2019 | Paris, France

Rachna Chhachhi

Oxford College, United Kingdom

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Across the world, cancer is a feared word. People almost view it as if it is a death sentence. Advancements in treatment of cancer have been slow however, survival rates in cancer are rising due to early detection as well as nutritional, holistic and alternative remedies supporting the patient in their journey to rebuild themselves after being struck with cancer. My treatment is called Epigenetics, which changes the gene response. The science of epigenetics and it’s proof is now everywhere, hence causing modifications in gene expression rather than the gene code itself and healing the patient. Here, I would like to present 2 case studies: one of a 74-year old patient with Prostate Cancer & one of a 28 year old woman with Breast Cancer. The first case is an age related cancer and the second one is genetic. In both, treatment methodology was different, but both are hormonal cancers. Both patients survived well and the learnings, though different, had one common goal: Increasing quality of life and longevity of cancer patients which is equally mine and the oncologist’s responsibility and should be implemented as such. Treating a disease, a cancer should not be limited to an organ or a part of the body but the patient’s physical, emotional and psychological make-up should be taken into account while treating him or her. How their body and mind is responding to treatment should determine the treatment. Only then will the treatment result in the quality of life and longevity that each cancer patient seeks when they choose to go for cancer treatment. Most cancer patients do not die of the cancer. They die because they succumb to the side effects of conventional medicine and therapies. If we give them a stronger immune system via nutritional healing, they can fight the cancer and withstand conventional treatments. So let us all join hands and work together via the best medicines and best holistic treatments as a combination, to give patients the right to a better quality of a long, long life.


Rachna Chhachhi is a certified Nutritional Therapist, Holistic Cancer Coach and WHO Certified in Malnutrition for Infants & Children. Rachna herself suffered from rheumatoid arthritis, an incurable autoimmune condition, which left her bed ridden 12 years ago with deformities, when she was heading business development for a Fortune 50 multinational company. She took a break from her corporate career to heal herself, and then got certified to begin her life to help people. Rachna practices across 22 countries to help prevent, manage and reverse lifestyle diseases, cancer and autoimmune conditions. She uses balanced nutrition, oxygenation, functional training, yoga and meditation as her mainline treatment with success in clinically reversing conditions. Rachna has a health column with BusinessWorld magazine and is the author of the book RESTORE and is working on a book on Cancer this year with a well-known publishing house. Rachna has conducted over 500 health awareness workshops and sessions for organisations like Google, GE, Accenture, Honeywell, Dunnhumby, Aon Hewitt, Aon Consulting, Cargill etc and for groups for doctors, communities for a cause and cancer associations. Rachna has been writing on health and wellness for 20 years. She has had health columns with Business Today, Outlook Business Magazine and TOI blogs. She has earlier worked with GE Consumer Finance, India Today, Business Today and PPC Worldwide, a United Healthcare group company. 

E-mail: [email protected]

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