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A legal study on the term of observance of environmental considerations in international oil and gas contracts, focusing on new Iranian Petroleum Contracts (IPC)

Joint Event International Conference on Petroleum Engineering, Oil and Gas
December 06 -07, 2018 | Dubai, UAE

Ehsan Sarkhosh

Imam Sadiq University, Iran

Posters & Accepted Abstracts : J Ind Environ Chem

DOI: 10.4066/2591-7331-C2-006


The right to have a healthy environment is one of the fundamental rights of humanity and nowadays, the necessity to ensure the exercise of this right is felt more than ever. In this regard, exploration, development and operation contracts of oil and gas are important because of the extent of damages that these operations cause to the environment. In addition, a considerable part of the world’s oil and gas reserves is located in developing countries, which most of them do not have the necessary legal regimes to apply international standards. In this article, we study the different environmental clauses contained in various oil and gas contract patterns, including the new generation of Iranian Petroleum Contracts. In this regard, when we study older contracts it is understood that the environment issue has not been considered appropriately and it is since the middle of the twentieth century that the terms and conditions about protecting the environment are gradually inserted in these contracts. However, most of these terms are often too general and sometimes vague; in addition in most cases there are no specific responsibilities for those who violate these provisions. The present study is conducted based on the analysis of content of international oil and gas contracts and related provisions. The purpose of this article is to study the strategies available in international contracts, to analyze the current situation of relevant provisions in Iran, and finally to provide appropriate and efficient solutions about environmental issues in light of the current status of oil and gas fields. According to the results of this paper, it is imperative that countries which have oil, including the Islamic Republic of Iran, in addition to drafting laws and regulations for monitoring and controlling oil operations, shall provide a comprehensive monitoring system for the implementation of environmental conditions.



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