Journal of Clinical Ophthalmology

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Current Issue

2021: Volume 0, Issue 0

Research Article P.343-346

Effects of Covid-19 on walk-in and after hours ophthalmology presentations at a tertiary academic eye center

Author(s): Sam Whittier, Michael Murri, Brian Stagg, Amy Lin

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Case Report P.347-349

Management of juvenile uveitis in juvenile idiopathic arthritis: A Hungarian approach.

Author(s): Alok Bahl, Lilla Smeller, Sohar Nicolette

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Short Communication P.351-352

Self-inflicted eye injuries

Author(s): Okafor L, Choudry A, Mudhar HS, Sandramouli S

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Commentary P.353-354

Commentary on long-term macular vascular density measured by OCT-A in children with retinopathy of prematurity

Author(s): Ana Rita Carreira, Joao Cardoso, Diogo Lopes, Tomas Loureiro, Audrey Sampaio, Teresa Fonseca, Ana Vide-Escada, Nuno Campos