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Current Issue

2021: Volume 0, Issue 0

Research Article P.381-385

Eyecare practices and glaucoma patient care trends in the face of a global pandemic, COVID-19

Author(s): Mustafa Safi, Katayun Fethat, Jason Bacharach

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Research Article P.386-390

Conjunctival flora growth in intravitreal injection settings

Author(s): Efrat Fleissig, Jonathan D Gambrell, Mohammad A Sadiq, Charles C Barr

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Editorial P.394-394

Bioprinting for the corneal stroma

Author(s): Shamim Ahmad

2021: Volume 5, Issue 2

Research Article P.355-364

Complications of juvenile uveitis

Author(s): Alok Bahl, Sohar Nicolette

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Research Article P.365-370

Risk factors for persistent inflammation post-laser peripheral iridotomy

Author(s): Haben Kefella, Jia Xu, Isdin Oke, Babak Eliassi-Rad, Manishi Desai

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Research Article P.371-374

Outcome of trabeculectomy with intraoperative subtenon injection of mitomycin C

Author(s): Pir Salim Mahar, Asma Rahman

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Research Article P.377-380

The effect of low-level laser therapy on visual function in glaucomatous patients

Author(s): Yadollah Eslami, Albert Lazar, Seyed Mehdi Tabatabaei, Masoud Soltani Najafabadi, Antoine Lazar, Mohammad Soroush Eslami, Golnaz Mahdavi, Golnar Mahdavi

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