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Market Analysis - Journal of Nutrition and Human Health (2019) Volume 3, Issue 2

Market Analysis Editorial for the 18th International Conference on Clinical Nutrition and Fitness

Chaiyavat Chaiyasut

Assistant professor, Department of Pharmacy, Chiang Mai University, Thailand, E-mail: [email protected]

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Clinical Nutrition Conferences Committee is keen to welcome emerging researchers to share their findings in a warm and supportive environment of 18th International Conference on Clinical Nutrition and Fitness that will be held in Barcelona, Spain on May 01-02, 2020.

The worldwide clinical organic process market is assessed to achieve $68.6 billion by 2024; developing at a CAGR of half-dozen.5% from 2017 to 2024. Clinical nutrition could be a part of health care that has treatment of therapeutic ailments created because of inappropriate diet or caused because of the lack of the body to ingest nutrient supplements bestowed in an exceedingly traditional diet. These clinical nutrition products comprise clinical foods dietary supplements that are primarily utilized in the treatment of intake or organic process disorders, metabolic disorders, and alternative conditions. These products are thought of primarily as a pharmaceutical that is delivered over a channel and feeding. increasing geriatric population with loss of appetence, weak biological process systems, and chronic unwellness primarily drives the Clinical Nutrition market.


Lifestyle and recreational users have recently emerged as moneymaking user teams for the nutrition market. These teams are expected to capture vital market shares over a amount. whereas the utmost revenues of the worldwide clinical nutrition market are focused in developed regions, markets in developing countries also are expected to realize a lift through to 2020, as a result of growing population and rising mode.

Current advancement and findings within the field of nutrition are expected to develop a unique and farm opportunities during this flourishing sector. However, a higher contribution for R&D expects to boom the value of March. there's AN rising awareness among the folks in association with trending organic process products that created them switch to natural merchandise from natural ingredients. thus, the requirement for March supplements appears to be steady growing.

The clinical nutrition market is predicted to witness a CAGR of 6.0%. There are certain factors propelling the expansion of the market that has the increasing prevalence of metabolic disorders, high spending on healthcare, and rise of bourgeoisie within the emerging economies.

Over the past decade, the prevalence of metabolic disorders has increased, in terms of data. the particular number of patients choosing the diagnosis of metabolic disorders has increased over the last decade, thereby leading to the rise within the number of patients diagnosed. Thus, with the rising prevalence of the metabolic diseases, there's an excellent opportunity for the market players to tap the emerging markets and establish their presence.

It has also been observed that healthcare expenditure continues to grow faster than economic process in most of the countries, maintaining a trend observed over decades. Therefore, because the healthcare spending increases among major countries of the planet, due to its wide applicability, the market is predicted to witness a high growth.

The Global Sports Nutrition Market size is predicted to succeed in $44,003 million, by 2021. Sports nutrition products, like sports drinks, supplements, and food that include protein powders, Isotonic drink powder, capsule/tablets (creatine/branched chain amino acids and others), supplement powder, ready-to-drink protein drinks, carbohydrate drinks, protein bars, carbohydrate/energy bars and other supplements. These products are developed for, and consumed by athletes and bodybuilders to enhance their overall health, performance, and muscle growth. Sports drinks were conventionally employed by athletes to replenish the water level within the body. Bodybuilders are the main users of sports supplements. However, these products are undergoing mass adoption by lifestyle and recreational users. the amount of recreational and lifestyle users has consistently increased since the past few years. North America accounted for over 40% of the worldwide sports nutrition market share. The Asia-Pacific region is predicted to witness fastest growth during the forecast period.

The major driving factor for nutrition therapy market is that the absence of healthy food from the diet plan thanks to the complicated and busy lives lately. Rising geriatric population and growing specialise in preventive care by individuals fuel the expansion of the nutrition therapy market. Increasing lifestyle disorders lately with the surge within the levels of diabetes, heart condition and other chronic diseases also promote the market growth. Also, increase within the demand for Nutritionists and Dieticians also support the market growth. Higher consultation charges of individual nutrition experts restrain the services market to grow because it is out of the affordable limit of everyone. As many of us aren't able to follow a strict diet plan, it also restricts the market to grow. Moreover, the service is out there only within the developed and a few developing countries and most of the low- and middle-income countries still don’t have access to those sorts of services, which thus curbs the market growth.

Nutrition therapy services are being provided lately by hospitals, clinics, wellness centres and other facilities. Registered physicians work on these centres as full time or part time employees. These services are customized counting on the disease condition of a patient. there's an increasing trend of collaborating with a nutrition expert along side the treatment of a disease because it saves a substantial amount of treatment cost. People lately also are becoming increasingly concerned about the food they eat and their effect on health.

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