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Short Article - Archives of Industrial Biotechnology (2018) Volume 2, Issue 2


Dénes Joó


Architect-Urbanist, Systemic Evolutions and Pyramids Independent Researche, Hungary

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The coming into being of the Physical/MaterialUniverse itself begins with the creation of the MATTER, of which frames are detailed in my recent paper entitled A Conic-Toroidal Model of the Material World (presented at the Materials Research 2017 conference, Febr. 20-21 Berlin), while the distribution follows the Octave-law, contained in my earlier study Sketch of the Cosmic Architecture (The Whole Periodic System), presented inside the 2nd World Chemistry Conference 2016, August 8-10 Toronto, Canada.

In a holistic view, not only the gravitation will be the criterion of the materiality, but the entire synergetic interaction in the ethero-quark-gluonic – electro-magnetic – thermo-gravitational fields’ three-interactional system, inside of which can appear the fractal resonance, because all what exists, it’s oscillation – OSCILLATING WORLD – with own specific frequencies. The resonance-law reffers to the interactions between the system-frequencies, based on the systemic mathematical operations, which describe the matter-energy-information movement.

Based on the 2x3 structural similarityof the fields and the continents, the functioning of this 6- componental 3-interactional system was applied many millenia on global social level too. On physical level, between the complementary fields – the conics and belonging Dandelinspheres – exists twofold resonance (realised through the respective monopoles), while among the gluonic, magnetic and gravific Dandelin-spheres a threefold resonance, but all of them only in well-defined conditions.So – with reversing of the question – in what kind conditions will result the superposition of these three Dandelin-spheres, respectively spheric fields? The first condition is the superposition of the two – quark and gluonic – foci of the ethero-quarkgluonic field, in which case the conic ellipse will transform in a circle, with belonging Dandelin-spheres on both sides: by one side the three superposed – threefold resonanced – spherical fields, by the other side the QUARK-FIELD, which is a synergetic interactional RESULTANT of thesuperposed gluonic, magnetic and gravific fields. In this way, the quaternionic model is present in this case too, from the moment of creation of the MATTER, along its evolution, in multi-stepped fractal-like octavic arrangements (F1.1).

Another condition is the opening of the conical angle, which – theoretically – can undergo a change from 00 to 900, from the Axis-Universe to the Flat-Universe and inverse – both extremes existing only together, forming a large gyroscope/spinor, consciousness unity (D. Wilcock, N. Haramein) or Metaphysical World (Plato, Aristotel) – in correlation with the whole conic-toroidal structure, in case of the horn-torus described earlier. This opening is in correlation with the optimization of the shape of the resulted „cosmic baby-dolly”, formed by the above presented superposed/threefold resonanced spherical fields and the resultant quarkfield. The optimal proportions between the „body” and „head”, in general tend to the Golden Proportion/Mean/Section, but inside an entire Golden Series (see ’Golden Mean or/and Chaos?’), contrary to the Apocalyptic Series, which marks the recession-phases, intercalated in the cosmic evolution. The alternating of these series will be repeated 7-times,according to the Octave-Law, presented between others in form ofthe Matrushka-Dollies.

In this conical cosmic structure the conic circle/etheric fieldappears with 6 bosons (and a central focus, which is the apex of the superposed 3 spherical fields), from which every time one after other, in turn, walk through to the quark-field, where after two turns will create each a quark, in other words, every two bosons will create a quark, basic „material particle”. So, following this oscillating mechanism, in the quark-field in a turn will be created 3 quarks, and the famous Higgs-boson is not a certain single boson, but the Actually Active Boson (AAB) inside a series of 6 alternating bosons, which transmit through oscillation matter-energyinformation from the superposed – with the magnetic and gravific fields resonated/syncronized – 18-gluonic field (F1.2 – F2).In this way, the magnetism and gravitation are included too, in the quark, and in the atom, omitted in the present structural theories.

These three – gluonic, etheric and quark – fields are hexagonally structured, but – as result of the mentioned superpositions – it will be 6 Gluon-trinities (6x3=18 Gluons), 6 Janus-like Boson/Etheron-dualities (2x3=6 Bosons), and 6 Quark-unities, all of these groupings arranged in two superposed triangular systems, in form of the well-known David-Star,together forming the less-known Mer-Ka-Ba (F1.2), included between two – upper and under – Light-fields (F1- F2), structured similarly David-Star-like (Extended Mer-Ka-Ba=Cosmic Baby- Dolly).So, this cosmic 3-stringed helical structuring is similar to the DNA (3-stringed too!) sequence, but completed to 5-stringed helical model, in which are included the main elements of the Sacred Geometry (Plato solids:Ether-patterns, R. Buckminster Fuller: Sacred polyhedrons, Dürer’s solid/polyhedron, graph and magic square, D. Melchizedek: Flower of Life, G. Doczi: The Power of Limits, Fibonacci-series, Lucas-numbers, etc.).

The transition from the Gluon-trinities to the Quark-unities is realised through the Bosondualities, but only by the two „newcomer” – electro-magnetic and thermo-gravific original – Gluons, the etheric original Gluon transforming directly in Quark.This process in reality means a transition from the open wave-pockets (Gluons) to the closed wave-pockets (Quarks) through the transitional wave-pockets (Bosons/Etherons), including the Photon and its components.The two Light-fields differ one from another through their „materiality”, in other words there are pre- or post-material, before or after the creation of the MATTER (F1 – F2), similarly to the white aura of the man at the first and at the last terrestrial incarnation.

Corresponding to this structuring and functioning of the Universe, theExtended Standard Model can be presented in form of quadratic/matricial and circular diagrams (F2.1 – F2.2). In its complex entirety, this SKETCH OF THE UNIFIED FIELDS’ THEORY inside the conictoroidal model presented above (E1, E2, F3),based on the quaternionic model,results a synthesis of the structure and functioning of the three main cosmic field pairs, of which resultant is complex, so the unificationattempts into a single REAL fieldare unsuccessful.

The distribution of the MATTER follows a bifurcation or/and trifurcation process, the inverse of the 2-times or/and 3-times superpositions, resulted through two- or three-fold resonances. The bifurcations follow in situations far from equilibrium (I. Prigojine, I. Stengers:La Nouvelle Aliance), the trifurcations in equilibrium cases, in three-interactional systems (JD1.1-1.2).The wave-mixing takes place corresponding to the ancestral Pythagorean musical system, renewed by L. Euler (1739) as frequencies-formula 1 : 2X : 3Y : 5Z , respectively by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (1911) in form of the triangular table (F3.2), called Plato’s Lambda too, anticipating the elaboration of the gauge-theoretical framework, expressed as interaction of the unity-, 2-fold and 3-fold resonanced fields, in other words resonance of resonancies, of which result is a 5-fold resonant field: U1xSU2xSU3=SU5. In this way, together with the INERT MATTER will be created the LIVING MATTER too, of which thermic, electric and etheric fractal-charge is 1/5, with very high resonant frequencies.

The increasing/doubling and distribution are expressed in the Golden Mean formula too, the number 2 referring to the increasing, respectively the number 5 to the harmonic distribution. In his work ’Dimension und äußeres Maß’ (1918), F. Haussdorff deduced the fractal scale in form of 21/2x51/2=101/2, so the fractality is an increasing and distribution mechanism. Contrary to the harmonic increasing, in the evolutionary processes are included chaotic phases too, taking into consideration that the Golden Mean/Ratio/Section F1=(51/2 +/- 1)/2 is only one element – together with its inverse – of the series F1-00=(51/2+/- N)/2 (JD 1.5-1.6).All this evolutionary process is in keeping with the octavic logistical distribution series presented in the Illustration 6” – LOGISTICAL COSMIC EVOLUTION, respectively in the Illustration 2 – STEPPED TABLE (Denes Joo: Sketch of the Cosmic Architecture).

Referring to the Light-fields and the Etheric-field, is needed to state precisely that what we are calling LIGHT, really is a kindof Cosmic Ether. The 13D Photon/Light-World and >13D Tachyons-World presented in the Illustration 5 – MULTIVERSE STRUCTURE refer to the 13D-21D-34D-55D-89D Light-levels, which – together with the transitional 4D Etheronic, and 5D Psyonic, respectively 8D Spiritual levels – form the inner (Our Universe’s) part of the Cosmic Ether, enclosed/imbedded in the Infinite Cosmic Ether, as an amniotic fluid (F3.1), which – apparently paradox – is a comprehensive, inter-universes MONOCRYSTAL.

Returning to the relationship between matter-creation and evolution, there are remarkable two main aspects (F4): 1) The optimum proportion between the Gluon- and Quark-Dandelin spheres („body” and „head” of the „Cosmic Baby-Dolly”) is 2 : 1, resulting a conic angle of 19.470, present in the popular tradition and folk art as 19.50; 2) Similarly to the alternating quaternionic evolution, presented in the process of the continuous transforming each in another of the chemical elements, on this subatomic level takes place the alternating bodyhead/ body-head/body-a.s.o., more exactly this subatomic alternating causes the former one. These reversal processes form the chaotic phases in the alternating quaternionic evolution, in conformity with the relay-mechanism presented in ’Golden Mean or/and Chaos’, Fig. 0. The following of the chaotic behaviour – observed first by the 3-body problem – and its inverse – out of chaos – appear by the both – gluonic and quark trinity – systems, with a continuous parallel shift of the planar field components around the alternating spheric ones.Summing up, the moment of MATTER-creation – inside the conic-toroidal model presented above – results as superposition of the supra- and infra-etheric (quark- and tri-gluonic) fields/ Dandelin spheres, through 2- and 3-fold resonances, simultaneously with the resonance of these two resonances in form of 5-fold resonance. However, this „resonance of resonances” carry the seeds of the LIVING MATTER in itself too. This process takes place only in the spacetime, i.e. on the conical surface. The „soul”/centre of this structure/process is the Ether.

Onwardingthe detailing of the Annex F1.2, this Over-View can be considered a graph or the over-view of a Truncated Triangular Trapezohedron (TTT), with 6 pentagonal and 2 triangular faces, 18 edges and 12 vertices (F5), called Dürer’s solid/polyhedron, presented in his copper engraving MELENCOLIA I, dated 1514 (15)). Analysing the 500-year-old unsolved question raised by Dürer, referring between others to the meaning of this polyhedron, results the possibility to construct a circum- or/and inscribed sphere, in context of the whole work of art. Majority of the former researchers (16), 17)) concluded values of 72O or 80O for the acute angle of the six constituent Dürer-pentagons of the TTT, mentioning the similarity between the planar/circle and spatial/sphere solutions. My conclusion refers to the possibility to construct a series of spheroids corresponding to the angle-series multiple of 9 (9O-18O-27O-36O-45O-54O-63O-72O-81O-90O) – in between to the (8x8O=) 64O, respectively to the Golden-Mean value of 63.436O – with adequately opposed side-lengths only between the limits corresponding to the cube and to the Golden-proportioned trapezohedron (F6). On the whole, the elongation of the spheroids is in function of the cosmic evolution phases, between which the transitional sphere-phase, so limited by the extreme Dürer-angles of the cubic 90O (the pentagon reduced to a triangle) and the Golden-angle of 63.436O (the pentagon reduced to a rhombus), in between with the angles of 72O and 81O. The value of the inscribed quasi-circle/sphere results between these two values of the circumscribed circle/sphere, namely 76O. Really this is the Dürer-solid presented in his engraving, which shore up the single possibility to have a polyhedron with circumscribed sphere (the millstone diameter), and inscribed quasi-spheres (the stone-ball left). Considering these spheres as Dandelin-spheres, in this way is possible to realize the resonance inside the Extended Mer-Ka-Ba, governing the creation and distribution of the matter between the inner and outer limits of the Universe, inside its Monocrystal interpretation.

Annexes: F1 – Matter Creation Mechanism – Extended Mer-Ka-Ba (Cosmic Baby-Dolly);

F2 – Extended Standard Model;

F3 – Sketch of the Unified Fields’ Theory;

F4 – Alternating Quaternionic Evolution;

F5 –Dürer’s Solid/Polyhedron;

F6 – Dürer’s Pentagon Series.


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