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Awards 2020 - Journal of Intensive and Critical Care Nursing (2019) Volume 2, Issue 2

30th World Congress on Nursing Education and Management

Wendy stoelting Getlelfinger

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Award _Clinical Nursing 2020

Let’s Clinical Nursing 2020 our health care professionals with the Awards.

We are Clinical Nursing 2020, welcomes all the Nursing professionals on behalf the organization Allied Academies. We feel very grateful and fortunate to appreciate the achievements of our talented researchers who have made their contribution in treating patients and engaging in the researches which are helpful for the future developments.

This Award program is organized to recognize the Senior researchers, professionals and young talents who have made an enormous impact to Scientific community.

Allied Academies acknowledges the devotion and overwhelming works in all academic and research fields.

By identifying their contribution; AAC encourages and motivate scholars, researcher and academicians by giving AAC Global Best Researcher Awards along with other individual awards in all academic specialties and categories.

These Awards involves prestigious Award Certificate and Memento.

Our Clinical Nursing2020 Conference conducts many session highlights for the participants like, Keynote presentations, Plenary presentations, Poster presentations, Young Researcher presentations and Video Presentations.

And the awards are provided to recognize the participants who have made brilliant contributions to the field and to support active commitment for the advancement of the field.

Some of the Awards to be given for the participants has been listed below

• Best Keynote Speaker Award

• Best Speaker Award

• Best Organizing Committee Member Award

• Best Poster Award

• Best Young Research Forum Award

Let’s Recognise our health care professionals with the Awards.

1)Best Keynote Speaker Awards for Excellence:


The Keynote speaker award is the award for speaking excellence and professionalism. It is not a destination; it is the highest professional speaking award given to speakers who has been judged as well an evaluated by their peers and judged to be among the top professionals in their speaking profession.

The award for his/ her for the phenomenal and worthy oral presentation on the given topics in the meeting.

2)Best Speaker Award for Excellence:


Selection of the Best Speaker Award is an ongoing tradition of the in the conference. All attendees are asked for vote casting to choose the best oral presentation.

The winner of the Best Speaker Award receives a certificate and their names are announced to among all conference attendees after the conclusion of the conference.

Speakers recognized in national conference among the speakers through the awards.

The award for his/ her for the phenomenal and worthy oral presentation on the given topics in the meeting.

Speakers whose sessions were exceptional in both content as well as delivery (communication, presentation, and use of training aids).

Once speech has been completed the chairman members will evaluate the scores for the speakers in the conference. Depends upon the scores they receive the award for the best speaker.

Scores are based by feedback as well as evaluation by the attendee it will change by session to session.

3)Best Organizing Committee Member Award for Excellence:


The award will be provided for the most outstanding presentation for the entire conference. Best Organising Committee Member Award will honour the individual who has demonstrated exemplary support and guidance throughout the conference.

Best Organizing Committee Member will be given to the one who makes the most clear-cut contribution to the conference. The organizing committee member received his award for significant contributions in the field of nursing and makes a difference by his presence during the conference. Recipients considered to have advanced in the field or service.

4)Best Poster Award for Excellence:


Poster awards are offered for outstanding poster presentations and shows their characteristics by excellence in research and make a clarity in the presentation and presenting the award for best poster presentations in the conference ceremony.

The awards of our conferences wide range of responsibilities and dedication professionals who promote the highest standards of care across the world.

The Conference Chair and the evaluation committee decides which poster presentation is best among all the participants they will receive the Best Poster Presentation Award, on the basis on scores of the committee members in the conference panel.

5)Young Research Forum Research Award:


This award for young scientists to show their excellence in the field of his profession. Award for young scientist Awards is provided to promote their excellence in the field.

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