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Abstract - Biology & Medicine Case Reports (2021) Volume 5, Issue 2

Why diets fail? A role for â??Eat-ologyâ? as a disruptive weight loss methodology

Obesity has become a global epidemic, which is rapidly spreading at phenomenal rates. The gravity of this “Globosity” epidemic goes beyond sheer numbers, as it is directly linked to numerous diseases that pose serious health risks and are responsible for escalating health care expenditures. Obesity is the single most important contributor to development of type 2 diabetes along with other metabolic disorders, all of which individually increase cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. Though the solution seems straightforward with weight reduction being the best cure, however, achieving and maintaining weight loss is extremely challenging. Diets have disappointingly had limited short term benefits with lack of sustainability and even rebound weight gain. In addition to their restrictive nature, there are even more complex personal behaviour and social factors affecting food ingestion that current day “diets” do not address. 

Author(s): Dr. Samra Abouchacra

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