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Case Report - Biology & Medicine Case Reports (2018) Volume 2, Issue 3

Vascular lesion of the lip treated with a diode laser: A case report

The classification of vascular lesions of the oral cavity is complex. To simplify, these lesions can be divided into two large groups: neoplasms (mostly benign) and vascular malformations. Laser treatment of oral vascular lesions seems to be an excellent device, and different wavelengths have been reported in the literature. The purpose of this work is to document a case of vascular lesion of the lip, developed in a few weeks in an adult patient successfully treated with a minimally invasive technique with the use of diode laser 810 nm. A young adult female patient was referred for a labial exophytic lesion that continued to grow despite previous topical therapies prescribed by dermatologists. The first dermatologist diagnosed herpetic manifestation and the second diagnosed labial granuloma. The patient has been subjected to ultrasound examination, which confirmed the suspected diagnosis of the benign vascular injury. The patient underwent 3 photocoagulation sessions performed with 810 nm diode laser and after 2 months the lesion completely healed without scarring and without alteration of sensitivity. Lip diseases are often treated dermatologists, although the labial mucosa belongs to the oral cavity. Through the use of a safety device, this type of injury can be managed within the dental office, and so an opportunity for dental practice. The diode laser can be considered safe and effective in the treatment of vascular lesions of the lip.

Author(s): Cinzia Casu, Riccardo Botta, Carla Mannu

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