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Research Article - Research and Reports on Genetics (2018) Volume 2, Issue 1

Variation and distribution of qualitative traits of the savannah muturu on free range in the Benue trough of Nigerian.

The study was carried out at two council wards each in Logo and Tarka local government areas of Benue State, Nigeria. The study was designed to investigate qualitative traits variation and distribution within and between populations of the savannah muturu herds on free range under rural farmers. There were coat color variations of solid black, solid brown, dominating black with irregular distribution of white patches, dominating brown with irregular distribution of black and white patches, dominating white with irregular distribution of black patches, coat colors of irregular black and white patches of uneven distributions, restricted color patterns of black and white, brown and white, and white and black. There was wide deviation from reported coat color patterns of the savannah muturu of multiple coloration, ebony, faun, white and black patches of equal dimensions and uniform distribution over the entire body. It was evidenced that the coat color genes of the savannah muturu cattle under rural farmers had undergone divergence due to inbreeding, random sampling, counter selection and genetic drift.

Author(s): Gwaza DS, Yahaya M, Ahemen T

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