Biomedical Research

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Research Article - Biomedical Research (2017) Volume 28, Issue 6

Two novel Ni (II) complexes with two different Schiff bases: inhibiting glioma cells growth

By using two flexible Schiff bases H2L1 and H2L2, two new Ni(II)-coordination compound, namely, Py3NiL1 (1) and Py3NiL2 (2) (Py=pyridine, L1=3,5-Cl2C6H2(O)C=NC6H3(O)-4-Cl, L2=3,5- Cl2C6H2(O)C=NC6H3(O)-4-NO2) have been synthesized under solvothermal conditions. Single crystal X-ray structural analysis reveals that compounds 1 and 2 are both six-coordinate in a distorted octahedral geometry. For 1, the 1D chain-like structure was observed by the C-H…π interaction, and the 1D ribbon-like structure was formed by the C-H…π and π…π interaction; for 2, the 1D ribbon-like structure was formed by the C-H…O hydrogen bonding interaction, and the π…π interaction on the side of 1D ribbon-like structure also result in the formation of a 2D structure. The in vitro antitumor activities of 1, 2 and their corresponding organic ligands Py, L1 and L2 were studied and evaluated, in which three human glioma cells (U373, U251 and SHG44) were used in the screening tests.

Author(s): Guohu Weng, Suyue Pan, Bo Zhou, Guoqiang Wen, Shixiong Huang

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