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Research Article - Current Pediatric Research (2022) Volume 26, Issue 3

Turkish validity and reliability study of the Montreal children's hospital feeding scale.

This study aims to evaluate and determine psychometric features, factor structure and internal validity of the Turkish version of Montreal Children’s Hospital Feeding Scale (MCH-Feeding Scale). The study started with 200 participants, but completed with 166 of them because of the drop-outs during test-retest period. The study, which used no sampling, was conducted with parents who accepted to participate. Of the participating children, 53.6% were female and 46.4% were male. To collect the data, the family questionnaire form (14 items) and the MCH-feeding scale (14 items) were used. The 14 items of the MCH-feeding scale were studied on factor analysis. Factor loads of all items were above 0.30 and the explained variance was found to be 34.598%. Therefore, no items were removed from the scale and a single sub-dimensional structure was accepted. Several indices were used to examine the appropriateness of the MCH-feeding scale model. Of these indices, x2/SD was 1.88, GFI was 0.97, AGFI was 0.95, CFI was 1.00, RMSEA was 0.073, and SRMR was 0.071. All related index values were found to be at the desired range. The cronbach α coefficient of the MCH-feeding scale was 0.838, and item-total correlation values for all items of the scale were found to be positive. The Turkish version of the MCH-feeding scale had a good structure and validity. According to the results of the scale, it is suitable to be used in further research to be conducted in Turkey.

Author(s): Ibrahim Dogru, Gulay Manav, Pelin Uymaz*

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