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Opinion Article - Integrative Neuroscience Research (2023) Volume 6, Issue 1

Treatment of neurodegenerative diseases by the use of tetracyclines in nano technology

These days, epigenetics is of incredible investigating esteem as a unused portal that can unravel the modern secrets behind neurodegenerative maladies. Epigenetic components, counting DNA methylation, different post-translational alterations of histones, chromatin remodeling chemicals, and long non-coding RNAs, are strong modulators of quality expression levels. Over the past a long time, epigenetic forms have risen as vital components in numerous neurodegenerative infections, such as Alzheimer’s infection, Parkinson’s infection, Amyotrophic Sidelong Sclerosis, and Huntington’s malady. Neurodegenerative illnesses are still a challenge for successful medicines. The tall fetched of endorsed drugs, seriousness of side impacts, infusion location torment, and confinements on sedate conveyance to the Central Anxious Framework (CNS) can dominate the administration of these maladies. Due to the unremitting and dynamic advancement of neurodegenerative disarranges and since there's still no remedy for them, unused restorative techniques such as the combination of a few drugs or utilize of existing drugs with modern helpful applications are profitable procedures. Tetracyclines are customarily classified as anti-microbial. In any case, in this lesson of drugs, doxycycline and minocycline show moreover anti-inflammatory impacts by restraining microglia/macrophages.

Author(s): Arafah Andleeb

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