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Short Communication - Biology & Medicine Case Reports (2021) Volume 5, Issue 4

Transpiration Response and Growth in Stomata

Transpiration is defined as the process by which everyoneplant species can release water within them in the form ofmoistureorwatervapor.Therootswilltakeacertainamountofwatercomesfromthesoilandsomeofthewaterwill evaporate into space. Parts ofplantsare stems,smallholesintheleaves,andflowersevaporatewaterintotheatmosphere.Itisalsodescribedastheprocessbywhichwaterevaporatesfromtheaironalltheleavesofplants and other parts ofplants. Factors affectinglightrespiration,airtemperature,atmospherichumidity:Windspeed,solarradiation,soilsurface.Todate,modelshavebeenusedtopredictclimateperformanceandclimateuse toestimatethelocalstomataresponse. 

Author(s): Kumar S K

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