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Case Report - Journal of Clinical and Experimental Toxicology (2022) Volume 6, Issue 6

Toxicity of nanoparticles: A development opportunity in environment and health

Nanoparticles have a promising future for application in various fields. They provide a development opportunity for scientists and workers from different areas of being able to work with materials at the nano-scale, because their development influences many jobs that include treatments against diseases, biological controls, ethical development, and environmental control. However, it is a field that is rapidly advancing in terms of its industrial production, but not so much in the study of possible adverse effects, so there is a large information gap, which paints an uncertain picture. There are several routes of exposure, among the most relevant, are the inhalation, dermal and ingestion, where the inhalation is the most recurrent and there are already registered cases of different lung pathologies and even the presence of cancer. Regarding the environment, there are plenty of routes and methods for nanomaterials to enter into aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. Even though there are assessments related to the effect of some nanoparticles on some species, the results should not be generalized as each material reacts differently, which leaves us with much more research needed. In the ethics area, many studies indicate that the potential for contamination should be reduced and that is why it has been considered during the development of nanoproducts, their production and manufacturing, as well as their possible implications for health.

Author(s): María Camacho-Murillo, María Obando-Víquez, Sandí-Montero Lilia, José Roberto Vega-Baudrit*

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