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Editorial - Journal of Clinical and Experimental Toxicology (2020) Volume 4, Issue 3

Theoretical Study of Acetylation of Ethanol catalyzed by Mn2+ ions

 A theoretical study of acetylation of ethanol catalyzed by Mn2+ ions from the analysis of intermediate of the reaction was carried out.

The study of acetylation of alcohols is of great interest by the utility of its products of reaction and is one of the most frequently used transformations in organic synthesis as it provides an efficient means for protecting hydroxyl groups in a synthetic process.
Acetylation of alcohols is a nucleophilic substitution reaction. This reaction can be catalyzed by Lewis acid, metallic ion. In reaction mechanism, the metallic ion formed a complex with the oxygen of the acetic anhydride carbonyl, facilitating the polarization of the same and the successive addition of alcohol at the position to form a tetrahedral intermediate, determining step of the rate of the reaction.
Experimental studieswere carried out and agreed that this reaction takes place with the formation of a tetrahedral intermediate.
Author(s): Silvana C. Caglieri

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