Journal of Bacteriology and Infectious Diseases

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Abstract - Journal of Bacteriology and Infectious Diseases (2020) Volume 4, Issue 3

The valuing the plasma the gold grail in the treatment of knee Osteoarthritis in the COVID-19 Era

 Statement of the Problem: As plentiful are conscious the novel COVID-19 is gripping quickly all over the globe. Scientists anywhere are functioning as fast as they can to test to discover therapies. While there are no specific treatments for COVID-19 at the moment, there is reason to test if blood-derived plasma could help mitigate the damaging inflammation associated with COVID-19 pneumonia. The purpose of this study is to handle to inspirit a century-old blood-derived therapy succeeded as a therapy for knee Osteoarthritis for use in hopes of slowing the propagation of the COVID-19. Methodology & Theoretical Orientation: I with my team applied a simple, efficient, and minimally invasive method of obtaining a natural concentration of autologous growth factors to be obtained from specific amount of blood. Our endorsed procedure used precise injection of knee Osteoarthritic patients own blood platelets to help their body’s ability to heal damaged cartilage. I propose plasma or plasma rich in growth factors (PRGF) from recovered patients as a therapy for new COVID-19 patients as the antibodies progressed by recuperated cases may prop the immune system of novel sick persons. The antibodies included in the plasma of blood possess the power to link to and equalize the virus that responsible for COVID-19. 

Author(s): Laila Mahmoud Montaser

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