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Abstract - Journal of Clinical Dentistry and Oral Health (2020) Volume 4, Issue 4

The use of an endotracheal tube in the biphasic fixation of a mandibular fracture

 The concept of external fixation applied to the mandible describes a technique where long screws are passed through the skin, into either side of a fracture and secured in place using an external fixator. It is indicated in heavily comminuted fractures, in cases of pathological fractures or grossly infected fractures.

We present a modified version of the biphasic system in the repair of a left angle fracture in a 28-year-old male. The 3-week old fracture was heavily infected, hence external fixation was indicated. Following curettage and alignment of the fracture, two 50mm Schanz screws were placed either side of the fracture. A size 7 endotracheal tube was measured to length and perforations created corresponding to the pin positions. Acrylic resin was syringed into the prepared endotracheal tube, which was then seated, held in position until the resin was fully set and remained in place for the length of the healing period.
Author(s): Ayah Mohamed

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